Basically the lossless reversible data hiding schemes are able to carryover up to 256 characters only. In this case the space also
considered as a character. Since low data are only able to hide in an audio signal. And there is no more proof for extraction of the data
in another node after transmission through a communication channel. In a proposed system maximum of 1,000 characters are able to
embed in an audio signal and a different frame work for hiding and extracting are provided at both end of the channel. A simple
lossless data hiding method based on the coefficient-bias algorithm by embedding bits in both spatial domain and frequency domain is
proposed. In spatial domain, each pixel in a host audio signal is first subtracted from the block-mean. Then, a stego audio signal is
generated by embedding a large amount of bits (or the primary message) in the mean-removed blocks via the coefficient-bias
algorithm. To provide an extra security and robustness, the stego signal is transformed to frequency domain by integer wavelet
transform (IWT).The whole project is going to implement using MATLAB software.