The paper here a innovative graph-based realization of bilateral filtering. Based on the Laplacian mesh smoothing framework, the
proposed filter imitate the performance of the conventional mesh filter while preserve in some of the appealing properties of mesh
smoothing. The corresponding two filters are benchmarked according to their ability to denoise complex synthetic image transitions.
The relevant performance of the filters are then assessed in a multiresolution denoising scheme for grayscale images, combining
wavelet decomposition, shrinkage and bilateral filtering. The results obtained are encouraging and shows that the BMF is a viable
alternative to classical bilateral filtering. An important issue with the application of the bilateral filter is the selection of the filter
parameters, which affect the results significantly. A mesh is crucial for feature-preserving mesh denoising. Our bilateral filter is a
additional accepted conservatory of the elegant bilateral filter for image denoising than those used in preceding bilateral mesh
denoising methods.