The purpose of this study was effective cause in reducing injury in students from teachers’ viewpoints. To do this, 118 physical
education in Shiraz were selected randomly and questionnaire made were collected and distributed among them. questionnaire include
effective causes in prevention from education injury (5.73%) students in schools that categorized in four sector such as method of
teacher management, facilities and equipment’s in school, student’s behaviors and other factors. Descriptive and inferential statistics
used for analyze data.
The result of study show that the most cause of student’s injuries respectively are method of teacher’s management (6.41%) student’s
behaviors (2.33%),places and equipment’s of school (4.17%) and other factors (8.7%).in below the method of teacher’s management
introduced respectively knowledge and science of teacher from physical injuries, teacher ‘guidance in prevention from injury and
codification and regulation of class was the most causes of injury from physical teacher viewpoint. between classroom supplies
management of physical education teacher and scale of physical injuries in school was observed meaningful relationship. totally
among effective components on physical injury of schools students, awareness and knowledge of physical education teacher has the
most effect. holding workshops and conferences in the field of injury and highest level of physical education’s teachers awareness and
using education and training only from graduate of physical education as a teacher of physical education can effective and useful in
prevention and reducing injury in students.