Binary image processing is a powerful tool in many image and video applications. Discrete cosine transformation is used in this
work, as information capability is superior to other transformations. The choice of coding is situation dependant .In general a single
coding is employed that may be variable length coding or run length coding. This gives a satisfactory compression ratio up to 50% but
still is not very good. The present work employs the combination of both the coding techniques i.e. image is first coded as run length
of levels and then run lengths are again coded using variable codes. The outcome of this work is a software system for gray scale
image compression which is based on lossy compression. In this paper, we can add image compression using run-length encoding
concept . So only we consider the feasible for the operations what we are doing. This technique has the advantage of providing better
compression ratio i.e. 10 to 95 times over the other existing techniques which compress images up to 50 times. Further this technique
is very flexible as it gives user the choice for selecting compression ratio and retrieved image quality