In recent times people affected by diabetic neuropathy is on a constant raise. Diabetic neuropathy will affect the neurons of
and disrupts its functions and when it affects the leg it affects the neurons in the leg which are responsible for proper
balancing. If it is left untreated it may lead to the amputation of that particular organ. Recent studies have revealed to us
detection and proper treatment can be used to save the affected organ of the body. Studies have also
imperceptible vibrations through the feet of diabetics and stroke patients significantly improves their balance of the person
affected with diabetic neuropathy. This method is very reliable and can be used to design shoes with built in vibrators that can be used
to treat the legs of the persons which got affected with diabetic neuropathy Recent advances in the scope of wearable devices
networks make body area sensor networks (BASNs) an extremely attractive tool to the fields of mobile and tele
range of medical applications they can serve and the diagnostic richness of patient data they can offer. However, for BASNs t
achieve true ubiquity, they must be scalable in their support of automated patient data collection, making usability and reliability key considerations.