The basic concept of Ayurveda is prevention of life in healthy individuals. Healthy body depends on healthy mind .Balanced
equilibrium in mind and body is important. Psychosomatic disorders /diseases involve both mind and body. There is a mental aspect to
every physical disease and can be physical aspects from mental illness Health as a swasthya-a state of total biological equilibrium,
where the sensory, mental, emotional and spiritual elements are harmoniously balanced. Ayurvedic theory of health is based on
“Tridosha” (primary life forces or biological humors). The dynamic balanced of tridoshas crates health. Ayurved defines mental health
as a state of mental, intellectual and spiritual well-being. Many diseases are proved to originate from psychological imbalances. Only a
sound mind can keep the body in sound health. Ayurveda declares that health is the result of pure body and selfless mind. There are
specific mental treatments in Ayurveda to cure physical problems as well as mental disorders. Even the modern science admits that
without the proper consent and mental co-ordination, no patient could be perfectly. Ayurveda is the science of life. Ayurved describes
the proper way of Ahar, Vihar, Nidra, Dincharya, Rutucharya; such a healthy lifestyle keeps our body in healthy condition. Yoga and
meditation are common psychiatric practices associated with Ayurveda. Yoga is ancient form of influencing the mind and achieving
mental stability and calmness. Yoga helps a person to control mind and gain perfect psychic balance. Meditation makes mind
powerful to following the commands