Tundikeri or tonsillitis is a common throat problem in young children and not uncommon in adults too. It greatly affects the comfort of
the person due to pain, burning sensation, dysphagia, swelling, sore throat, fever etc. It may present as an acute or a chronic condition.
It leads to many complications such as recurrent upper respiratory tract infections, growth retardation, bronchial asthma, rheumatic
heart disease etc. In contemporary science, treatment principles include antibiotics, analgesics and surgical excision. Tankana Bhasma
(Borax) a well known kshara dravya (alkaline substance) has got potent anti inflammatory and healing properties. Hence, it has been
used as a treatment in chronic tonsillitis in the form of a gargle. To ensure scientific validity of the efficacy, a comparative study was
conducted between Aspirin tablet and Tankana bhasma which was statistically analyzed. In the study Tankana bhasma showed
significant relief of symptoms that were statistically significant.