Raja nighantu is one of the noted lexicon in Dravyaguna. The name Raja nighantu itself reveals that it is the king of nighant
Narahari pandita is the author of this nighantu who is the son of Iswara suri. There is controversy with regards to time peri
Rajanighantu which ranges between 13th century to 17th century. It is also called as “Abhidana chudamani”, “Dravyabhdanagana
sangraha”. He is the first author to place Dravyaguna ahead among Astangas of Ayurveda. In Raja nighantu, the concept of coin
synonyms for a particular drug was explained elaborately
factors have been described as rudhi, swabhava, desha, lanchana, upama, virya, itarahwaya. He has described about the dru
vargas. He has given many synonyms than any other author to drugs based on different criteria like desa, swabhava etc. These
synonyms are coined based on sound scientific principles which help us to gain good knowledge regarding the etymology, pla
origin, the properties or nature of drug etc. when we study the synonyms of herbs one of the criteria we can find is disease
synonyms like sophagni for Punarnava, kustari for Arka etc. These synonyms give us specific idea about the usefulness o
particular disease. In the present work small attempt has been made to prove the preciseness of the author in coining the syn
based on disease in the light of modern pharmacological and clinical research on different drugs.