Background: Prakriti (~body constitution, temperament) is expression of healthy volunteers in perspective of body functions,
behavior, morphology and physiology. Every individuals has different physic and psychological characters as per body constitution. In
modern science Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is widely used in practice setting to measure the cognitive abilities because IQ is strongly
correlated to educational, professional, economic and social success or failure. However, it may fail to act as an accurate measure of
‘intelligence’ in its broadest sense to account creativity or emotional intelligence. Prakriti assessment is unique feature of Ayurveda
which can suggest proper diet, appropriate regime and job work according to body constitution and intelligence.
Objectives: To evaluate intellectual capacity of healthy individuals according to different body constitution.
Materials and Methods: Firstly assessment of prakriti of healthy volunteers was done by prakriti assessment proforma. 30
individuals were included in each group according to their prakriti. Then IQ of each person was drawn out by applying Culture Fair
test Scale 2 form ‘A’. Score was analyzed and compare statistically by the test analysis of variance (ANOVA).
Results: The test result significantly showed that different body constitution having different intellectual capacity.
Conclusion: The study shows that Prakriti assessment is one of the guide lines in direction of career selection and gives new scope on
future progress in this field