The gold standard to judge the popularity and usefulness of any scientific branch is associated with the ongoing research activities in
that branch. For the present day research works the utility of the statistics, statistical principles are very crucial and necessary.
Considering the fundamental research aspect in Ayurveda there is a need to emphasize the various statistical principles that Ayurveda
itself has adopted in various instances. Hence, the reliable and valid information reaches the public in the systematic, unbiased, simple
manner and people of all degree of intelligence will understand the Data/ information.
Collection, classification, presentation, analysis and interpretation of the Data and correlation concepts in statistics will be taken into
consideration and they will be related with the concepts, instances mentioned in Ayurvedic authoritative textbooks like Charaka
Samhita, Sushruta Samhita, and Ashtanga Hrudaya hence proving the essence of Statistics in Ayurveda .
Collecting information regarding plants from tribal people, Classification of Prakruti into Vatala, Pittala, Sleshmala, presenting the
chapters, whole Samhita in the systematic manner, comments and various opinions of commentators and final concluding part of the
each chapter, debate can be related to collection, classification, presentation, analysis and interpretation of the Data respectively. The
concept of measurement of Anjali etc Pramana, Sarva Dharmeshu Madhayma, Madhayama Sarata etc and concept of Bhuyista in the
context of types of Desha will be indirectly signifying the essence of statistical concepts of mean, median, mode respectively in
Ayurveda. The relation between Nidana and Roga, Kayagni and Dhatu will be signifying the concept of correlation in Ayurveda