Charaka Nidana Sthana is based on eternal fundamentals representative of Kaya Chikitsa and it is having its own importance in
diagnostic aspect. Due to indulging in Sahasa, Vega Sandarana, Kshaya, Vishamashana there is the manifestation of Ekadasha Rupa
where it affects the Tridosha and Sapta Dhatu. In modern era Rajayakshma can be correlated to Tuberculosis. Though there is a
difference in the pathogenesis of Rajayakshma and Pulmonary Tuberculosis but the clinical picture of both is quite similar. It is a
major public health problem in India due to the environmental changes, changes in behavioral, dietic habits, poor quality of life,
population explosion, under nutrition, and lack of awareness about cause of disease and Modern Life Style. Ayurveda can provide the
satisfactory health service due to its comprehensive capacity of attaining all types of Pathological changes. To fulfill the applied aspect
of these basic principles the symptoms of Rajayakshma have been under taken for study.
Aims And Objectives: Assessment of involved Doshas in Rajayakshma.
Methods And Materials: An observational study was conducted on 30 patients selected from Tuberculosis Section of Civil Hospital,
Bijapur., irrespective of sex, religion, etc., who had presented with the clinical symptoms of tuberculosis. Information on demography,
symptoms, and lifestyle factors was collected by standard questionnaires.
Results: In 16 patients (53.33%) Vata Vruddhi, 13 patients (43.33%) Kapha Vruddhi, 8 patients (26.66%) are having Pitta
Vruddhikara Lakshana, 14 patients (46.66%) Vata Kshaya, 8 patients (26.66%) Kapha Kshaya Lakshana and 17 patients (56.66%) are
having Pitta Kshaya symptoms.
Conclusion: After examination of Vruddhi and Kshaya of Dosha, the Vata Kapha Vruddhi is found in maximum number of patients
along with Pitta Kshaya. Thus on the basis of assessment of maximum patients seen in the study were Vata Pradhana Tridosha and
Kapha Vata Pradhana Tridosha Samprapti was found.