Ojas is an important entity responsible for the maintenance of positive health. There is no proper understanding regarding its
formation, colour, logic behind its classification as Para and Apara, is it essence of all Dhatu or Upadhatu or Mala. So there is a need
to focus on the above mentioned aspects regarding Ojas.
When union of Shukra and Sonita takes place, Agneya property of Arthava does Paka of Shukra, results in the formation of Ojas.
During Paka, some part of colour of Arthava will be gained by Ojas, hence attains yellowish red colour. When heart is formed it enters
the heart along with soul and function of this Ojas is withholding of Jeeva(soul), hence the name Para Ojas. Apara Ojas is essence of
all seven Dhatu, present throughout the body.
In the context of Paka of Shukra by Arthava, Garbha is Sara Baga and Ojas is considered as Mala Baga, if Ojas is compared with
seven Dhatu then it is considered as essence of all seven Dhatu, if Ojas is compared with the other entities in the body by considering
the functional aspect then it can be considered as the Upadhatu since it has the function of only Dharana and not Poshana. So, Ojas if
considered in different angles it is Sara, Upadhatu, Mala.