Yoga is a science, science of well-being, science of youthfulness, science of integrating body, mind and soul and also beneficial to
social health. Indicators of social health include the rates of crime, rape, murder, theft, drug abuse etc.
Following of Yama results in decrease of murders, theft, rape cases and increases Truthfullness, Social Harmony, Trust, Internal
happiness. Following Niyama results in driving out vices like Anger, Greed, increases discipline, intelligence, social acceptance and
feeling of self satisfaction and positive attitude. If all these qualities a person acquires then his role in a society will be positive and he
will be beneficial to society and can be considered as socially healthy. If Asana and Pranayama is being done daily then there will be
physical health, increasing the capacity to do work, resulting in increase in per capita income and finally resulting in good social
health. Pratyahara and Dharana will improve the mental health in turn social health will be improved. Dhyana and Samadhi will
improve the spiritual dimension of health resulting in improvement of social health.
A study of 604 inmates of Taipei Too-Chen Detention Center, and Taichung Detention Center in Taiwan The study revealed that the
inmates who had undergone the yoga and Meditation program reported calmer minds, and a general feeling of well-being. Over half of
the group reported a reduction in negative emotions.
A person is said to be socially healthy, when he is accepted, respected and loved by all in the family, by his friends, relatives, friends,
neighbors, colleagues and others. This can be achieved by practicing Astanga Yoga, which will help in achieving each and every
aspect of social health and also even the other dimensions of health.