“Health is Wealth”. Rasayana (Rejuvenation therapy) promote longevity by retarding ageing process and preventing diseases.
Ayurveda describes different classifications of Rasayana. According to the methods of prescribing, Rasayana is of two types namely;
Kutipravesika (Indoor treatment, meaning taking treatment while staying in a special room), and Vatatapika (Outdoor treatment,
meaning taking treatment while being in a normal environment, attending day to day duties). As per scope of use, Rasayana is of two
types. That is, Naimitthika Rasayana which promotes vitality in specific diseases and Kamya Rasayana which promotes health.
Kamya Rasayana is of three types; namely; Pranakamya (Promoter of vitality and longevity of life), Medhakamya (Promoter of
intelligence) and Shrikamya (Promoter of complexion).
Further Ayurveda describes three types of Rasayana. They are; Ajasrika Rasayana (rejuvenation through food), Aushadha Rasayana
(rejuvenation through drugs) and Achara Rasayana (rejuvenation through behavior and controlling mental urges such as anger,
jealousy so on). Droni Praveshika is an another special type of Rasyana procedure described in Ayurveda. A person may attain
longevity, freedom from diseases, excellence of complexion and voice, enhanced memory power and intellect and preservation of
youth, through rejuvenation therapy.
Vajikarana (Aphrodisiac therapy) deals with the promotion of sexual health, healthy progeny, treatment of male sexual disorders
(erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation) and infertility. Vajikarana therapy improves the nourishment and function of the
reproductive organs and vitalizes tissues of reproductive organs, increasing semen count and strengthening their motility and making
sperms more viable for conception. Vajikarana helps to increase fertility of both sexes, thereby leading to the propagation of healthy
future generations. Authentic texts state that Vajikarana makes a man capable of sexual intercourse with women with vigor of stallion
and for a long duration. Rasayana (Rejuvenation therapy) and Vajikarana (Aphrodisiac therapy) play an important role in promoting
and protecting the health of the human race.